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1d25180f 01/24/2019 10:22 PM Leszek Koltunski

Some improvements to the Wind app - still does not look very realistic though :(

50be8733 01/12/2019 04:24 PM Leszek Koltunski

Correct Distort.

353f7580 01/11/2019 11:15 PM Leszek Koltunski

Make Distort truly 3D.

5dadaecd 01/11/2019 02:18 PM Leszek Koltunski

Fixes for some stuff discovered while making the Distort effect fully 3D:

- make MeshSphere's normal lengths be 1 (used to be 0.5)
- make the Effect3D app display precise values of the Center and Region vars.

1418a5eb 01/06/2019 11:15 PM Leszek Koltunski

Relax requirements on when we can call DistortedEffects.setMax().

Before this change one had to call it before creation of shaders and before any of the DistortedEffects classes got created.
This commit removes the second requirement so now with setMax it's just like with enabling effects: it's best done in onSurfaceCreated.

7bebb196 01/04/2019 11:07 PM Leszek Koltunski

Massive: make the coordinate system agree with that of OpenGL (i.e. invert the Y axis).

5e96393c 01/04/2019 12:35 AM Leszek Koltunski

Make the Sink effect fully 3D.

2fef9669 01/03/2019 09:09 PM Leszek Koltunski

Correct the z-axis of the center of fragment effects (it was inverted)

cbca11a3 01/03/2019 01:32 AM Leszek Koltunski

Progress with the Earth app.

b82a9ac9 01/03/2019 12:49 AM Leszek Koltunski

Progress with the Earth app.

b24e4719 01/02/2019 03:57 PM Leszek Koltunski

Make the Fragment effects truly 3D: change their 4D 'region' into a 3D 'center' (a point in 3D) and 3D 'region' (which is now a set of 3 radii defining an ellipsoid around the center)

Also corresponding changes to the applications.

1f2cb152 12/30/2018 10:49 PM Leszek Koltunski

Further fixes for the new fully 3D vertex region.

4aa38649 12/30/2018 01:37 AM Leszek Koltunski

Redefine the Vertex Region from (x,y,r,unused) to (x,y,z,r). This takes into account the 'Z', which makes it possible to warp only one side of a 3D Mesh like Sphere.

Also corresponding changes in applications.

ebe0476f 12/19/2018 10:53 PM Leszek Koltunski

Simplify MeshSphere by deriving it not from a regular icosahedron (which has a problem of a wiggly seam line at the 'change of date' in the back of the sphere) but something that at the back has a straight vertical border between triangles: a diamond-like 16-faced solid.

efaeb2a1 12/18/2018 11:29 PM Leszek Koltunski

Make Matrix effects Rotate and Quaternion actually correct when it comes to the Z-axis. Also corresponding adjustments in apps.

085d4e11 12/18/2018 08:11 PM Leszek Koltunski

Sphere: map the texture a bit better around the seam and the poles.

b72b8a3b 12/18/2018 04:42 PM Leszek Koltunski

Fix (hopefully the last!) probelm with texturing the Sphere: the seam in the back.

d8295106 12/17/2018 10:30 PM Leszek Koltunski

One more improvement with texturing the Sphere.

Still one problem with texturing remains.

bbc58eff 12/17/2018 09:36 PM Leszek Koltunski

Further fix for the Sphere. Now hopefully only the texture mapping is wrong.

041f83a3 12/17/2018 07:57 PM Leszek Koltunski

Some fixes for Sphere; still not completely ok though.

89b93576 12/17/2018 03:45 PM Leszek Koltunski

Add support for MeshSphere (add ability to display it in the 'Effects3D' and 'Inflate' apps).
Still a bit buggy!

ec0feaba 12/17/2018 12:07 AM Leszek Koltunski


e1e94682 12/17/2018 12:01 AM Leszek Koltunski

New MeshQuad class.

e5ba319d 12/14/2018 04:50 PM Leszek Koltunski

- new icon for the GLOW app
- rename the BitmapTree app to ObjectTree

977756d7 12/14/2018 01:18 PM Leszek Koltunski

Fix the bug where the postprocessed GLOW halo of a Cube would be of different colors depending on the order of rendring of the cube sides. (one needed to switch off BLENDing while preprocessing )

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