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5fd28c26 06/22/2016 12:21 AM Leszek Koltunski

Further progress with SenderThread: make it possible to actually exit the thread on app exit.

6613266b 06/22/2016 12:12 AM Leszek Koltunski

Major: the MessageSender thread used to be running all the time in a tight loop!!

e25d0dde 06/21/2016 11:13 PM Leszek Koltunski

Additional Javadoc stuff.

0df17fad 06/21/2016 01:02 PM Leszek Koltunski

- Javadoc for EffectNames
- make Matrix effects consistent with the rest (center of effect as last parameter!)
- bugfix for yesterday's bugfix (we only want to send 'EFFECT_REMOVED' messages if it was really the Application that called 'abortAll' and not when we are cleaning up everything)

015642fb 06/21/2016 10:06 AM Leszek Koltunski


3a35681a 06/20/2016 11:51 PM Leszek Koltunski

Bugfix: send EFFECT_REMOVED to all Listeners from EffectQueue.abortAll() !

bb7d8484 06/20/2016 10:32 AM Leszek Koltunski

Minor cleanup.

fee0865c 06/20/2016 10:31 AM Leszek Koltunski

Fix for adding a single DistortedObject to a DistortedNode tree multiple times.

8c893ffc 06/18/2016 10:58 PM Leszek Koltunski

Further reduce the distortedObject's API - now only 26 methods, 1/4 of the 104 before the reorganization.

a595ee16 06/17/2016 09:34 PM Leszek Koltunski

New API tested.

d425545a 06/16/2016 11:49 PM Leszek Koltunski

Some more progress with porting apps to new VERTEX API.

f2fe7e28 06/16/2016 04:21 PM Leszek Koltunski

Major push towards simplifying DistortedObject's public API.
Beginning of work on VERTEX Effects - does not compile ATM!

2fce34f4 06/16/2016 01:50 PM Leszek Koltunski

Major push towards simplifying DistortedObject's public API.
All Fragment effects are using the new API - the 'DataND' marker interfaces.

568b29d8 06/16/2016 12:44 AM Leszek Koltunski

Major push towards simplifying DistortedObject's public API.
All MATRIX effects are using the new API - the 'DataND' marker interfaces.

cdd6333d 06/15/2016 03:14 PM Leszek Koltunski

Move the 'Save' effect to the Application and remove the 'OTHER' effect queue

e458a4ba 06/15/2016 12:40 PM Leszek Koltunski

1. new package 'message'
2. Rename the 'Grid' classes to match

a4835695 06/15/2016 12:05 PM Leszek Koltunski

move data types, like FlatND and InterpolatorND, to a separate package.

9351ad55 06/15/2016 11:23 AM Leszek Koltunski

comment cleanup in DistortedObject.

e0a16874 06/15/2016 11:18 AM Leszek Koltunski

cleanup in DistortedObject's methods.

d333eb6b 06/14/2016 04:24 PM Leszek Koltunski

Add license

cb0e1940 06/13/2016 10:28 PM Leszek Koltunski

remove the remains of DistortedBitmaps from DistortedNode

476bbc81 06/13/2016 10:19 PM Leszek Koltunski

Bugfix for removeByType

c6e1c219 06/13/2016 12:01 PM Leszek Koltunski

Save PNG effect almost finished. Supporting App (hopefully!) completely finished.

What remains to be done: put actual saving of the Bitmap in a separate thread, away from the Graphics thread!!

e1e275c1 06/12/2016 10:46 PM Leszek Koltunski

Javadoc stuff.

57dc1301 06/10/2016 03:39 PM Leszek Koltunski

Implement SAVE_PNG

2e18813f 06/10/2016 03:11 PM Leszek Koltunski

Beginnings of support for the SavePNG effect.

71887484 06/10/2016 01:51 PM Leszek Koltunski

abstract setMax and getMax to EffectQueue.

b1e91f2c 06/10/2016 12:39 PM Leszek Koltunski

Improce the 'Check' App.

d07f2950 06/10/2016 11:30 AM Leszek Koltunski

Improve aborting Effects.

1e438fc7 06/10/2016 01:03 AM Leszek Koltunski

Introduce ENUM EffectTypes

b3618cb5 06/09/2016 01:14 AM Leszek Koltunski

Beginnings of support for PostShader effects (SavePNG, SaveMP4)

f2a0d837 06/03/2016 11:43 PM Leszek Koltunski

Minor cleanup.

436899f2 06/03/2016 11:39 PM Leszek Koltunski

Fix for issue 1: 'FBO not visible' : we forgot to clear the HashMap in DistortedNode.

ada90d33 06/03/2016 10:09 PM Leszek Koltunski

Make deep copying DistortedObjects (needed in DistortedNode) standard.

19bed2df 06/03/2016 03:51 PM Leszek Koltunski

Defensive programming.

9361b337 06/03/2016 03:38 PM Leszek Koltunski

Provide support to add any class derived from DistortedObject to DistortedNode.

437bc43e 06/02/2016 08:24 PM Leszek Koltunski

Adjust comments.

7845dc66 06/02/2016 04:18 PM Leszek Koltunski

convert from GLSurfaceView to Context.

b329f352 06/02/2016 03:13 PM Leszek Koltunski

Improvements for Javadoc

d7bbef2f 05/30/2016 11:05 PM Distorted Admin

Fix javadoc errors

da7ce0d8 05/30/2016 09:45 PM LeszekKoltunski

Fix javadoc errors

6a06a912 05/25/2016 07:45 PM Leszek Koltunski

Initial commit