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eaf57f1c 07/17/2019 10:22 PM Leszek Koltunski

Modify the 'convexity' param in Dynamics.

This finally satisfies the requirements of the 'Spin' effect in MagicCube: achieving constant speed ( by setting a 1D Dynamic's convexity to 0)

12ecac18 07/16/2019 09:42 PM Leszek Koltunski

Add the 'convexity' param to Dynamics and the Dynamic app.

f871c455 05/20/2019 03:24 PM Leszek Koltunski

Improvements to comments and function names in Dynamics

017e8aab 05/20/2019 12:31 AM Leszek Koltunski

Improve the Dynamic app.

c45c2ab1 05/14/2019 11:11 AM Leszek Koltunski

Minor improvements in the Dynamics.

b920c848 05/13/2019 10:00 PM Leszek Koltunski

1. Change the API of Dynamic: split makeNowRunFor into two separate 'setDuration' and 'resetToBeginning'
2. Major changes to the 'Dynamic' app so that we can check more about the Dynamics.

012901f5 05/12/2019 09:18 PM Leszek Koltunski

Invert the order of Matrix Effects. Now, just as in the other queues, the first matrix effect is actually the first to act on the object - not the other way around!

20dbec0e 05/11/2019 10:33 PM Leszek Koltunski

Simplify the way applications can get notifications when an effect finishes.

Now, instead of the 'DistortedEffects.(de)registerForNotifications()' 2 APIs, we call a single 'Effect.notifyWhenFinished()'.

106ae28d 05/07/2019 10:35 PM Leszek Koltunski

Progress with DistortedCube.

34e43b0a 05/07/2019 08:06 PM Leszek Koltunski

Progress with DistortedCube.

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