Magic Cube: Magic Cube 1.0 released to Play Store & Amazon Appstore

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Minimum Requirements: support for OpenGL ES 3.0 (requirement of the Distorted library) and support for a touchscreen, which sadly excludes all Fire TV devices. I am thinking about ways to control the Objects via the Fire TV's D-pad; this however will always be worse than the touchscreen.

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Magic Cube: Magic Cube: first release

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The application contains a Rubik Cube of (in principle) any size and a Pyraminx, also of any size. Players can manipulate both objects using the touchscreen, solve increasingly harder setups, submit their solving times to a central database and see other players' times.

A 3x3x3 Rubik Cube solver and a list of Pretty Patterns also in the plans.

As usual, its GPL v3. Code available from here:


    Also available in: Atom