From 05/05/2016 to 06/03/2016


11:59 PM Feature #10 (Closed): Re-architecture adding new Effects
We probably need to change this in light of the fact that current architecture calls for adding a lot of new methods ... Distorted Admin
11:55 PM Feature #9 (Rejected): Single-point noise
Currently Noise is supported only when we are interpolating through at least 2 points. Fix that. Distorted Admin
11:55 PM Feature #8 (New): Add support for new types of Regions
Currently the library only supports masking the area on which a given effect works by a circular region.
Explore ...
Distorted Admin
11:53 PM Feature #7 (Closed): New Effect: glow
effect to add a glow around an object.
Once we have blur, this is easy:
1) render the original object
2) re...
Distorted Admin
11:50 PM Feature #6 (Closed): New Effect: save
A completely new kind of effect, 'save' : save the current look of a DistortedObject (or Node) to a file. Distorted Admin
11:49 PM Feature #5 (Closed): New Effect: blur
Add Gaussian blur. Maybe will force a re-design of the Effect architecture as this is going to be a two-pass effect. Distorted Admin
11:48 PM Feature #4 (New): New Effect: hue
add the 'hue' effect (changing hue) Distorted Admin
11:48 PM Feature #3 (Closed): New Effect: wave
Add a serial of circular waves, like throwing a stone into water Distorted Admin
11:43 PM Revision 79d5f03c (examples): Minor cleanup.
Leszek Koltunski
11:43 PM Revision f2a0d837 (library): Minor cleanup.
Leszek Koltunski
11:40 PM Bug #1 (Closed): FBO not visible
fixed in commit:library|436899f2 Distorted Admin
11:39 PM Revision 436899f2 (library): Fix for issue 1: 'FBO not visible' : we forgot to clear the HashMap in DistortedNode.
Leszek Koltunski
10:09 PM Revision ada90d33 (library): Make deep copying DistortedObjects (needed in DistortedNode) standard.
Leszek Koltunski
03:51 PM Revision 19bed2df (library): Defensive programming.
Leszek Koltunski
03:38 PM Revision ac503d98 (examples): Provide support to add any class derived from DistortedObject to DistortedNode.
Leszek Koltunski
03:38 PM Revision 9361b337 (library): Provide support to add any class derived from DistortedObject to DistortedNode.
Leszek Koltunski
10:23 AM Feature #2 (Closed): Provide example app showing how to use plain SurfaceView
All example apps use GLSurfaceView - provide one that uses plain SurfaceView. Distorted Admin


12:52 AM Bug #1: FBO not visible
Reproduced with
Distorted Admin
12:49 AM Bug #1 (Closed): FBO not visible
# Enter the 'Bitmap Tree' app
# Exit it
# Enter the 'Olimpic Rings' app
# Exit it
# Enter the 'Bitmap Tree' app a...
Distorted Admin
08:24 PM Revision 437bc43e (library): Adjust comments.
Leszek Koltunski
04:18 PM Revision 7845dc66 (library): convert from GLSurfaceView to Context.
Leszek Koltunski
03:47 PM Revision ed1c0b33 (examples): Switch to sending a Context (rather than a GLSurfaceView) to the library.
Leszek Koltunski
03:13 PM Revision b329f352 (library): Improvements for Javadoc
Leszek Koltunski
02:16 PM Revision f14facd4 (examples): Switch back to http
Leszek Koltunski
10:45 AM First release
h2. Version 0.0.1 released. Copyright: GPL v2.
Distorted Admin


11:05 PM Revision d7bbef2f (library): Fix javadoc errors
Distorted Admin
09:45 PM Revision da7ce0d8 (library): Fix javadoc errors


08:07 PM Revision 5da25649 (library): Add gitignore
Leszek Koltunski


08:16 PM Revision d1468757 (examples): Adjust URL
Leszek Koltunski
08:12 PM Revision 5068fa06 (examples): Initial commit
Leszek Koltunski
07:56 PM Revision 427ab7bf (examples): Initial commit
Leszek Koltunski
07:45 PM Revision 6a06a912 (library): Initial commit
Leszek Koltunski

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