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7bf107f7 06/16/2016 11:49 PM Leszek Koltunski

Some more progress with porting apps to new VERTEX API.

7589635e 06/16/2016 12:44 AM Leszek Koltunski

Major push towards simplifying DistortedObject's public API.
All MATRIX effects are using the new API - the 'DataND' marker interfaces.

88d9ff62 06/15/2016 03:56 PM Leszek Koltunski

Save the image to 'Pictures' album in the Gallery.

e4237c21 06/15/2016 03:14 PM Leszek Koltunski

Move the 'Save' effect to the Application and remove the 'OTHER' effect queue

13efa930 06/15/2016 12:40 PM Leszek Koltunski

1. new package 'message'
2. Rename the 'Grid' classes to match

08eabc44 06/15/2016 12:05 PM Leszek Koltunski

move data types, like FlatND and InterpolatorND, to a separate package.

bc0a685b 06/14/2016 10:08 PM Leszek Koltunski

Add License

b9615af9 06/13/2016 12:01 PM Leszek Koltunski

Save PNG effect almost finished. Supporting App (hopefully!) completely finished.

What remains to be done: put actual saving of the Bitmap in a separate thread, away from the Graphics thread!!

7cfeeb63 06/12/2016 10:48 PM Leszek Koltunski

Progress with Save app.

a2cb31e9 06/11/2016 12:38 AM Leszek Koltunski

Beginnings of support for the 'Save' app.

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