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d07f2950 06/10/2016 11:30 AM Leszek Koltunski

Improve aborting Effects.

1e438fc7 06/10/2016 01:03 AM Leszek Koltunski

Introduce ENUM EffectTypes

b3618cb5 06/09/2016 01:14 AM Leszek Koltunski

Beginnings of support for PostShader effects (SavePNG, SaveMP4)

f2a0d837 06/03/2016 11:43 PM Leszek Koltunski

Minor cleanup.

436899f2 06/03/2016 11:39 PM Leszek Koltunski

Fix for issue 1: 'FBO not visible' : we forgot to clear the HashMap in DistortedNode.

ada90d33 06/03/2016 10:09 PM Leszek Koltunski

Make deep copying DistortedObjects (needed in DistortedNode) standard.

19bed2df 06/03/2016 03:51 PM Leszek Koltunski

Defensive programming.

9361b337 06/03/2016 03:38 PM Leszek Koltunski

Provide support to add any class derived from DistortedObject to DistortedNode.

437bc43e 06/02/2016 08:24 PM Leszek Koltunski

Adjust comments.

7845dc66 06/02/2016 04:18 PM Leszek Koltunski

convert from GLSurfaceView to Context.

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